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    monitor all moves, and if anyone m??akes the slightest mistake, T

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    they will decisively ??react, and if the situation heats up, we will sho??w our abilities to the enemy," Mousavi was quoted?? as saying b

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    by state broadcaster IRIB. Supreme Lea??der Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Wednesday condemned?? U.S. attacks on8


Iranian-allied militias in Iraq,?? blaming the United States for2

  • violence in Iran's?? neighbor.6

  • Iran protested on Wednesday to aS

  • Swiss?? envoy, who represents U.S. interests in the coun8

  • ??try, over what it called "warmongering statement5

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times over and are not worried," ??Revo6 lutionary Guards Commander Brigadier Gen3 eral ??Hossein Salami was quoted by TasnC im as saying. Tr??ump had said in a twee2 t on Tuesday that Iran woul??d be "held M fully responsible for lives lost, or d??Z
    amage incurredF
    , at any of our faciE
    lities. They wi??ll pay a very BIG PRICEw ! This is not a Warning, i??t is a Threa1 t." He later said he did not want or ??fd oresee a war with Iran. Iran's Army chieh f Major ??General Abdolrahim Mousavi sai0 d on Thursday his f??orces were ready to4